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Chapter 455– Sea Burial Lotus Flower clam plough
[Fey Group]: Normal water Willow/Drinking water Bone fragments Lotus
Lin Yuan seen the almost endless Bone tissue Lotus Blossoms and fully understood why Reddish colored Thorn’s seas of blooms hadn’t assimilated the least flesh vigor during the struggle.
As a substitute, he summoned the Gold bullion Natural green The necessary oxygen Ocean Anemone that he had ordered earlier coming from the amber-b.u.t.ton-formed Precious stone fey storage pack.
It buckled on his mouth and nasal area while becoming upside down, and Lin Yuan immediately experienced the uniquely refreshing smell of a marine vegetation.
Just after clearing the Bone tissue Lotus Plants within 5,000 kilometers, a lot of Suzerain/Fantasy Particular breed of dog sea feys experienced finally identified the main body with the Sea Burial Lotus Plant.
Fey Evolution Merchant
Below the Sobbing Sea Crystal influence, 5,000 kilometers of your heavy ocean got soon been revived.
People four crystal eggs with the Drifting Tropical island Whales had also made use of the energy within the Sobbing Water Crystal to actually hatch out.
[Fey Level of quality]: Professional
These lotus roses were actually not the white-colored colour of standard bone fragments but like the grey-white-colored old coral within the ocean underside.
Lin Yuan couldn’t inhale underneath the water, so he instructed this Golden Eco-friendly Fresh air Water Anemone to develop air in the water.
Fey Evolution Merchant
Lin Yuan got located this Green O2 Ocean Anemone during the Soul Lock spatial area and nourished it for almost thirty minutes along with the substantial power of heart qi before getting it back into the amber-b.u.t.ton-fashioned Diamond fey safe-keeping package.
The Water Burial Lotus Floral had been a prominent carcinoma fey in the ocean. The Ocean Burial Lotus Flower’s unique human body was extremely capable of camouflaging and really should be concealed among the unlimited Bone fragments Lotus Blooms with the water lower part.
Chapter 455: Sea Burial Lotus Flower
Because of Bone Lotus Flowers’ ongoing extension, the water Burial Lotus Rose had finally arrived at a large whale-slip section of a whale beast.
These lotus blooms had been not the white colored color of regular bones but like the grey-whitened lifeless coral within the seas bottom.
Nevertheless, the top-quality marine feys experienced invalidated them and annihilated the water Burial Lotus Bloom, that was absolutely damaging to the water, before the professionals coming from the Brilliance Federation that had long gone to negotiate it.
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These lotus blossoms were not the whitened color of normal bones but such as grey-bright dead coral on the ocean underside.
[Fey Good quality]: High level
The Mother of Bloodbath, a Misconception Dog breed fey, could inhale and exhale and articulate freely during the sea, as opposed to him. He simply had to depend upon the Gold bullion Natural Breathable oxygen Water Anemone.
Fey Evolution Merchant
[Fey Class]: Sterling silver (4/10)
Lin Yuan was only on the verge of articulate as he recalled he was still during the ocean right now.
Lin Yuan seen the countless Bone Lotus Roses and grasped why Red-colored Thorn’s ocean of fresh flowers hadn’t ingested the slightest flesh strength while in the have difficulty.
It buckled on his mouth and sinuses while becoming upside down, and Lin Yuan immediately believed the uniquely fresh new odor of a marine grow.
[Fey High quality]: Professional
When he looked over the ocean bottom level, he sensed his scalp numb. He discovered the water lower part were definitely endless bone-etched lotus blossoms.
In the past, the Brilliance Federation possessed brought out very useful treasures, demonstrating their candor. They had planned to make an swap using the great-quality marine feys within the deep ocean for those carcinoma fey, the water Burial Lotus Floral, that your Spirit Guards would acquire.
On the other hand, the high-quality underwater feys acquired rejected them and annihilated the water Burial Lotus Flower, that was absolutely harmful to the water, before the experts in the Brilliance Federation who had long gone to negotiate it.
Lin Yuan couldn’t inhale underneath the sea, so he advised this Rare metal Natural Fresh air Seas Anemone to make o2 in water.
Lin Yuan seen the almost endless Bone Lotus Blossoms and fully understood why Crimson Thorn’s sea of plants hadn’t ingested the least flesh vigor over the struggle.
The large amount of oxygen it made completely separated the seawater from his lips and sinuses, and then he sniffed the air which had the exceptional underwater vegetation perfume.

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